Score! Hero Become a Soccer Legend

Score! Hero Cheats and Tricks to Become a Soccer Legend

Of the many soccer simulation games available for you, there is always a chance you might have a personal favorite. Among the ones available out there, Score! The hero is relatively the best among many. The developers have focused mainly on your experience on the journey which makes you a legend instead of playing under some great footballers’ names. A lot many times it takes lots of brains to develop a game based on such popular sports; when we land on a game like Score! Hero, it’s like a jackpot win. So let us guide you with some Score Hero cheats, tricks and tips to make your journey to a becoming a soccer legend easy and fun >>> Read more about cheats.

Score! Hero Cheats and Tricks

  • Begin with a safe play

Ambition for the long run is the key to stay steady in Score hero. As the game begins, you have the role of a nameless and unknown player who warms bench while representing a small club. You will first be given a chance as a substitute as you begin your journey. It’s a long way to go and is heavily advised that you play the game patiently and wait till moments before full unleashing your football expertise.

  • Team play

A noted earlier that the game is designed to highlight your performance. Nevertheless the focus remains in a team play streak. The focus should not be securing as many goals possible to yourself but on team play. You must take every legit chance to up your personal statistics, but the utmost objective should be taking high the team’s name.

  • Zoom out to play

To have a clear view of the whole pitch and the players you should zoom out to keep an eye out for everyone. This is, of course, advised after you’re a safe-passing expert and are choosy about your shots and passes.

  • Shoot curve shots from corner

Try your best to master curve shots which are gorgeous and have the capacity to go right to the back of the net. It is harder than it sounds; put your skill to perfectly curl the shot you take to confuse the goalie.

Apart from that, aim for shots from angles preferably from the corner. Work to improve your aim which will make it tough for the goalie to catch the ball.

  • Focus on earning cash

With every level, you always get some reward coins and cash. This money is however not enough for unlocking many advanced features. Score Hero cheats have an alternate way to earn cash such as watching the sponsored advertisements or linking your Facebook account with your game. These are the easiest ways to make some cash to play on. Also to spend the cash smartly, avoid continuous rewinding of the game.

  • 3-star mark

When playing Score! Hero, each level has 3 stars on which your level of achievement depends. It is impossible to collect 3 stars in all the levels at once; you can replay the stages whatever times you want to get shiny three stars.

To play live actions games, it is very important to know some tricks to get some treats. So here we present some easy breezy Score Hero cheats to bring out the legendary soccer player inside you. Play by the rules and make your team proud and make yourself a legend.

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